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International Christian Community Jesus Community Chat Forum

Welcome to the international christian Community and Jesus Fellowship! Open for all confessions, like catholic, protestant, orthodox and also for people without believing.

Christian Community and Christian Dating Site. Free international christian Community. A forum and a chat are available for discussions. As a member you can create your own blog, group or events. It is also possible to upload photos and videos. Anyone who is still single and looking for a Christian partner can use the community to find a new partner. International Jesus Fellowship, talk about God, Faith, Bible, Jesus, Church and the world. You are welcome here!

The Community is open for all confessions like Catholic, Evangelical, Orthodox, Free Church, Baptist, Pentecostal movement or another affiliation, everyone is welcome with us, even if you do not belong to any denomination. The focus of this community is on Christian values and content. Find congregations, churches, worship services, prayer groups, Bible meetings, youth meetings, leisure meetings, concerts, parties and other events for Jesus Christ.

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